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Action Track chairs

Adaptive Equipment

Action track chairs are used to assist in moving around camp, event sites and through the timber.

Standard track chair

Narrow base track chair

standing chair.jpg

Standing track chair

Standard chair - Tilts forward and back but does not fit through a standard door.

Narrow Chair - Tilts forward and back and fits through a standard 36in door

Standing Chair - Tilts forward and back, stands occupant up but does not fit through a standard door

Blinds and Stands

Drill powered stand - Stand operated by a battery powered drill to climb a tree.

Elevated blinds - Blinds on platforms with a ramp or steps (redneck, stump, and hand built)

2 Man stands - 2 man tree stand with wide platform base


2 seater and 4 seater UTVs - One UTV equipped with a hydraulic seat for easier transfer from a wheel chair

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