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HOOAH Deer Hunt for Heroes was started to give back to our soldiers who have given so much.  I'm able to share my passion for hunting and fishing.  The outdoors is the perfect place to heal mentally and physically and enables our soldiers to experience the outdoors in ways they did not know was possible.  This program enables soldiers to network with other soldiers and civilians, just an awesome experience.


Tom Huffington

Founding Board Member

I am a father of three and a retired Illinois State Trooper. This is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. I realize our freedoms we have in this country are not free and I am honored and humbled by spending time in the woods with our soldiers. Tom huffing ton our founder asked me to help on this project when it started and I have drug most of my family into helping one way or another. 


Jeff Gaither

Board Member

After the 2012 deer season, I was approached by Tom Huffington with an idea.  He asked if I'd help him plan, organize, and implement a program to take wounded US Military Veterans deer hunting.  Both, my wife and I, are veterans.  We have many friends and family members that are veterans, some have service-connected disabilities.  My oldest son is currently serving in the Navy.  I was onboard with Tom's idea from day one.


We set the wheels in motion to make Tom's vision a reality in the fall of 2013.  From there, HOOAH DEER HUNT FOR HEROES has grown beyond anything we ever imagined due to the sacrifice, emotions, respect, support, and commitment of our Veterans, volunteers, and supporters.  I am truly blessed to be part of such a great organization. 


Matt Graden


I first became involved by sponsoring a soldier to come in for a trap/pheasant hunt a $500.00 donation. It was the best money I ever spent. The soldier I met asked why I would do this for him. I was puzzled (why wouldn't I) . Since then this question has been asked of me by many soldiers. They act as if anyone would do this. Leave all they know behind to serve their country, to be apart from their family and to sacrifice everything they know to keep you and I safe. Even laying down their  life. My life has been changed forever by knowing them. By spending time in the great outdoors, seeing them grow stronger physically and mentally.  By watching them heal. We have a opportunity to show them that we will never forget what they have done for us . By donating today you can help us to provide more opportunities to more of our soldiers to make sure they are around for years to come.


Tom Gaither

Board Member


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